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A Word from Yoshimura...

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Well, more a word from their sales people. While I was at Yoshimura this afternoon, salesman Doug and I got on the topic of TL systems & parts. He said it was brought up in their morning meeting and a decision will be made next week as to whether or not they will be making another run of systems and associated parts. This in no way, shape, or form is a guarantee, but I was reminded that those in the TL community need to do what we can to make sure whoever is eventually responsible for making the decision hears that we are still interested (via email or phone calls). I know they are still receiving emails (per Doug), but it would be good to flood them with more.

The contact info is below, just send a simple email stating you'd like an exhaust or parts for TLR or TLS. The more interest we can show, the greater the chance they might do it. If anyone is a member of the TL Facebook page or a regional TL forums, please feel free to share this info.

Contact info:

Doug Wells - [email protected]
Don Franzen - [email protected]
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Thank you for your efforts actls!

Hopefully, they will bear fruit.
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email sent :thumbup

I just blew some sunshine there way.. Fingers crossed on a updated limited edition full and at the very least a re production of mid's and headers...
dropped them a message, desperately looking for a full system. Will see what happens next. Thanks for bringing this up.
Shared on TLR appreciation society, and the TLZone Facebook pages :D
So... "next week" is this week. Any news Andy?
Talked to Doug over at Yoshimura today. He said they're working on a "vintage line" to support some of their NLA systems. Top of the list is the TLR system, TLS is a tad bit further down the list. Their list was based on responses via email and telephone. There is currently no start date for these, but I'll update this thread when I hear more.
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Thanks for your update
I called and spoke to Dough today and asked about TLR headers. Hopefully that will help.

Also, I asked him how common the Ti headers are. He said only a few dozen sets were made for race teams in 1998 and 1999.
The rest were all polished stainless steel. Are the full Yoshimura Ti headers that rare?
I've always thought I saw sets, but maybe I was wrong.
Doug is their TLR guru. He would know what systems were made and sold. Other than on the Yoshimura TLR, I've only seen three full Ti TLR systems that I can think of.

These are in a members personal stash of Yoshimura unobtanium (one is a Kit part)

These were for sale in 2011 for $1800, which is what it cost new from Yoshimura
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