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A TLPlanet question

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How long does it usually take for the planet to 'activate' your account??? I've been waiting since October 31st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seems a long time to be in a queue:dowhat

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that sucks

PM jeff he's a mod and can probably help
jeff is his username on here?:dunno

got that wrong.

you can't PM on the planet :banghead

what is your chosen username over there and I'll pm him for you
I just gave up in frustration and came here instead .
Jeff is 1crock over here. Might send him a pm on here about over there :)
I too had to waited a few months, ended up clicking on the contact us icon I think :confused and sent a email explaining that I couldn't post or anything and within 24hrs had replied back to me saying that they just activated my account, all good now.
Funny thing... I've just had my account activated:hail:hail A little bump on here goes a long way on the planet it seems :)

Cheers for the help guys

Well, looks like I'm not needed here. :laugh

Anyone that can't get on at the Planet can always PM me here, or the other way around too. :thumbup
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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