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A quick pic

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Took a quick snap of the TLR while waiting for some mates to catch up


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Beautiful!Post some more pics!
That does look very nice.... more pics please!
Lovely looking machine.

Is that a race tail? It makes the R look so much lighter - if I put clothes back on mine I was thinking of a K1 Gixxer thou tail.
yes jimmy, rs250 race tail. had a gsxr tail here as well but gone this way.
really nice job got any pics from the rear so you can see the light
Cool and beauty beast man !! :D
A tail light pic there mate, ill take a better one in the day if you would like
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more pics from all views would be nice, im seriously thinking of doing same sort of thing .is it a different rear subframe or a converted original and what year is the honda rs250 seat unit.cheers ian
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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