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99 TLR CUSTOM Thinking of selling

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Debating on selling my tlr. very nice clean title bike, apprx 20k miles. Gsxr tail section, power commander, modified full Yosh pipes, 240 rear tire conversion, PM wheels, clutch cover, stainless brake lines, K and N... Prob missing some small things.
Had full service and inspection last summer by Suzuki dealer technician. Valves adjusted, all fluids changed. Runs top notch $8k

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For $8,000, I don't think anybody will be debating with you.
Thanks dick
I'm sorry. I can't make someone pay you what you want.
You've obviously spent a lot of time and money on this bike making it custom.
Spending a lot to customize a Harley seems to make them more valuable. That may or may not be the case with a Japanese bike.
Try putting in more details in your posting. Maybe some more pictures too.
I'm sorry u pulled a dick move on a fellow member. Now any prospective buyer will be aprehensive about the price thanks to u. Total dick move. Pullin ur man card too. Go pound dirt!
Don't blame me. No matter what I say, someone will pay you what it's worth. You can keep it too.

That bike could be worth $10,000. Maybe you need should raise the price. List everything you did with more detail. Besides, you said you are debating, which means you are testing the waters.

I'm trying to help but you aren't listening. Any publicity is good publicity. Look at the bumps I'm giving your thread.
I like them wheels.. you thought about parting it out?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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