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I'd be interested in your front and rear indicators/flashers/turn signals, the seat, the tank bra. And probably a few other bits I haven't thought of yet.
Postage would be to Australia incidentally.

And your clutch master cylinder (if corrosion free), lever and front brake lever.
See, I'm remembering more stuff already. :idea

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I’m in need of mufflers , clutch cover, radiator over flow tank, left air ram, bike cover etc. all down the right side basically. Oh and batter door and cover. Please feel free to DM me! That is if you plan on parting her.

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I am breaking my '98 TL 1000 R. It hasn't been ridden in a few years. Clean title located in Rochester Ny. See picture above and below. Prices to follow.

airbox assembly $50.00
brake and clutch levers $30.00
clutch master cylinder $50.00
ecu $200.00
exhaust $400.00
forks $150.00
Frame with clean nys title $400.00
front brake calipers (set) $75.00
front wheel $100.00
gel seat $150.00
handlebars $75.00
headlight $150.00
handlebar controls $20.00
main wire harness $150.00
motor $400.00
radiator $80.00
rear caliper $45.00
rear master cylinder $20.00
rear subframe $100.00
rear wheel $100.00
seat latch, tank cap and ignition ignition with key $120.00
speedometer $100.00
steering damper $65.00
tail light $20.00
throttle bodies $85.00
under tail $100.00
zero gravity windscreen $50.00
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