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97 tls won't idle when warm

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Hi. I'm having idle issues after leaving my bike for a month. It has been covered the whole time and has been run/brought to temp once a week with a full tank and stabilizer. I just got home to find that it idles well when cold but craps out when it's brought up to temp. The fast idle lever also stops working when it's warm, but works when cold.

-TPS is set
-TBs synced fine (I can't fully check TBs because the engine dies when brought to temp)
-fast idle cam ands cable are fine
-idle adjustment screw is fine
-the AF screws are set to spec at 1.5 turns out
-throttle stop screw is set to spec @ .25mm

Basically everything is set to spec as per the manual's information. I don't think this is a throttle body sync issue. I removed an old alarm from the bike months ago and suffered similar symptoms for a few hours, which then went away after several hrs of riding and a hard jostle on the road. The alarm had been deactivated for years and it's fuses pulled. All I did was disconnect the unit from the wiring harness. I didn't think about it after the issue disappeared, but they have apparently come back.

Is it possible that this issue is related to the missing alarm unit? Meaning was current still using the alarm housing as a relay even though it was unplugged? I removed it with the engine running and didn't notice any difference while disconnecting it. Any ideas? Possibly a bad ECU?
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Just to clarify: removed the alarm several months ago and had problems for a few hrs. The symptoms went away after a hard bump on the road (at least that's when I think they went away). I rode the bike for a month without having any more problems. Then left the bike for a month but did have it cared for properly. Now symptoms are back.
I've also read that people have had similar issues with bad fuel filters or faulty fuel pumps. This bike had new fuel pump put in not too long ago.
Found out problem. Too much oil. Excess spits out crank case breather valve via thar refief tube and goes into front TB. Winds up fouling front cyl spark. Cleaned and reinstalled. Drained and bit if oil. No more problems. New gas. Still runs slightly rich, so i'll need to resync the TBs.
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