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'97 Temp sensor mod T-Piece

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When I did this mod the hardest part I found was getting a suitable T-Piece to do the cost effective version of the t-stat bypass. I got one welded up out of mild steel, and am still not happy with it - it has spots of rust, and the 8mm hose has never fit on the T properely, and while it doesn't leak as such, it has always been damp withh coolant because it doesnt quite seal 100%. The other day I was picking up a battery from the Suzuki shop, and noticed the latest DL650 has a similar T-Piece as OE. Has anyone tried this? depending on $$ it may be a good way to go:O

Next time I'm in there I'll find the part number and price.
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Ignore the T-piece, this looks much better and you don't touch the original hose - drill and tap 1/8th BSP and fit brass connection and fit silicone hose.

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van is about to make a cover with one

or buy a cover from a 2000 on model
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Is item #4 the part you are thinking about?




Thats the one, cheers for that - simple cheap, and since I have already cut the hose, and have the bleed hose cut to lenght, (I've been running this set-up for 4 or 5 years) I will problably just buy one of these.
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