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8000rpm stutter in 5th and 6th gear

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Just bought a tl thou s . . its got a 41 ecu on it . . are these known for being restricted ? Having few issues with a limiter or something at 8k rpm ish in 5th or 6th gear when giving bike full throttle . at 80 or 90 per cent throttle it will creep past the stutter/limiter . . . any help appreciated . . bike has pair removed , secondary butterflies removed , air filter , full system and PC 3 fitted but when tried to map even when fully richened wouldn't pass 8k ish on full throttle . . have just fitted new fuel pump and fuel filters but it hasn't helped any .
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Dirty fuel injectors? :O

Will it spin up past 8K rpm in the lower gears?

By saying "secondary butterflies," are you referring to the flapper valve in the airbox? :confused
Oh yeah passes 8 easily in lower gears . . had couple tanks of strongly enrichened fuel injector cleaner through it but hasn't helped . . maybe could take em out and put them in my ultrasonic cleaner ? . . yeah meant flapper removal . .
Cleaned injectors today in ultrasonic but since started lashing down so no test run to see if its helped . .
Does it have a TRE installed?

If so, the TRE will mask the resistance values from the GPS (gear position sensor), and the ECM always provides the fueling for a given gear - usually 5th or 6th gear.

However, if there is no TRE installed, the GPS must work. Sometimes (often in my case :banghead) the contacts in the switch (sensor) itself become fouled and it doesn't report the proper value to the ECM. Thus, it causes a different fuel map to be used than would be otherwise. Usually manifested in lower RPM ranges via odd throttle response. Again, a TRE will cover up a GPS problem of this sort, and thats a good thing.

The GPS resistances and voltages can be verified with a meter. Mine would change as the engine warmed up.

This is not likely the solution to your high rpm problem, but might be worth looking at just so you know where it stands.
As far as aware there is no tre type box fitted
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