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2013 TL of the Year, VOTE NOW!!!

  • bigborett

    Votes: 5 8.6%
  • Geekly

    Votes: 6 10.3%
  • david502

    Votes: 9 15.5%
  • cham

    Votes: 5 8.6%
  • TLS_Russ

    Votes: 6 10.3%
  • tls ged

    Votes: 10 17.2%
  • Wils

    Votes: 4 6.9%
  • toddy

    Votes: 1 1.7%
  • adstl

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • madmat87

    Votes: 1 1.7%
  • hooti

    Votes: 5 8.6%
  • Revolution

    Votes: 6 10.3%

2013 TL of the Year, VOTE NOW!!!

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Here are the 12 monthly winners for 2013.

Good luck guys. :) (The poll will automatically close)

January '12 bigborett

February '13 Geekly

March '13 david502

April '13 cham

May '13 TLS_Russ

June '13 tls ged

July '13 Wils

August '13 toddy

September '13 adsl

October '13 madmat87

November '13 hooti

December '13 Revolution
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There all awesome,Dave gets my vote,its a cracker....
I am a Tiller fan but david502 that is one tough looking package. You won my vote.
All great bikes, I would be proud to own any of them............oh I do,:lol Revo gets my vote.
They are all fabulous bikes work of art wish I could have them all, this a hard to vote on but I guess I have to just pick one, so I will make the difficult choice Enee, Meany, Minee, Moe. So Mr July get my vote so Wils it is. Good luck to all of you they represent the TL brand well.

In my eyes they are all winners no loser but there is a favourite.
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Time and money = Hootie for me. :thumbup
Good luck everyone. All great bikes.o:hail
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Stunning bike and a great view . . . always a nice ride:)
Wow :eek:mg .... 4 (cham, toddy, adstl, and hooti) out of the 12 bikes were built by sparky, now that an accomplishment :hail
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When in conversations with pals I always say I am an R man and maybe its because I have one, which took up a lot of my time last year. but must say geds bike is an absolutely beautiful aggressive looking machine, so tls ged gets my vote. That been said all bikes are cracking looking bikes and a credit to their owners, so well done you,s lot and just like to wish all on the forum a great xmas and prosperous new year.
The Wils
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Hard choice!!!
All these bikes are stunning and honestly feel my bike isnt worthy against all these.. good luck to all but Ged for me.. how a TL should be ridden!
Had to eenie meany miney between the two fighters :( pity we cant vote for all 12, but i prefer my TLs naked :drool
Rev gets my vote this year. Awesome fighter!
I like this bike of the year stuff.....Revo got my vote but man that was hard choice! Very nice specimens
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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