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I stil have the fastest time for a TL - beat my P/B by 3 seconds this year; but look at the winner - cracking 300kph through the middle section! TL Jimmy is at least 70kph down on this. Need a big bore kit.

Unfortunately there was a fatality last year, so we got a lot more runs in as less people signed up. RIP Malcolm Foster, Ducati 999.

I did have a good battle with a RSV1000 who's rider competes at the IOM classic, but the bugger beat me by 0.02 of a second

Here's a vid of the winning bike - I didn't have a camera this year. And yes, the speedo is correct!!

BTW right at the end of the vid you can see me standing next to the tail of my TLS, in the black n white leathers holding my helmet.
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