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I have a 2001 tl1000r long story short I bought it from my buddy wiring harness wasnt cut just doesn’t have front harness for the lights and gauges I don’t have them by the way or the back lights ..... the on/off switch tip sensor / he bypassed everything else and it ran he parked it for a year before I got it I flushed tank cleaned carb he told me it would start sometimes and sometimes it wouldn’t so I no the wiring harness has a short somewhere I pulled the plugs to clean them and no fire but the only way I can get it to turn over is if I touch the starter sylonid screws toghter with a screwdriver when I I checked fuses on starter sylonid there good cleaned all connections under tank I never asked my friend how he started it but the on an off switch I have it but the plug on the wiring harness isn’t there To just plug into it ..(can I run the on and off switch strait into wiring harness by any chance ?and if so what color or the wires I connect to ?)to connect it so I can’t hit the button like it’s suppose to and when I turn the key nothing happens battery brandnew can’t tell if Im getting juice I have a test light just don’t no what wires I need to test just trying to get it running before I buy all the right parts I need just don’t no where to go from here and the clutch is by passed too any help would be greatly appericated
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