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2 x NVidea 9800GT gfx cards

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Selling due to upgrade. 512MB each used in SLI.
In total, cards have probably seen 200-250 hours of gameplay. Have never missed a beat and have never been taken out of my XPS 630 (bought new 2.5 years ago). Drivers disc included. Can be seen in operation.
Games i've used them for:
Battlefield III
Battlefield 2142
Alien Vs Predator

100 euro + postage and pp fees
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Yeah, i thought about going down that exact sme route but after talking to some folk they reckoned i real good card is probably better than 2 good ones in SLi. It depends on what the game is made for i think. Sometimes SLi has the advantage over 1.
I went for a Radeon 6970 2GB. It's en route at the moment so still using the 9800GTs.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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