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2 sets of Pazzo Racing levers on clearance

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2 sets of new Pazzo Racing levers on clearance. These retail for $169. Additional adjuster sets retail for $30 each...making each set below worth up to $229.

With each get the lever adjusters currently on the levers plus a choice of up to 2 additional sets of adjusters that are pictured. You also get a brake reservoir sock and a pair of Pazzo Racing decals.

When purchasing, make note if you want the levers to fit a TLR or TLS so we can get the correct perches on them before shipping.

Set 1: long titanium w/black adjusters - $135 shipped US Domestic

Set 2: short black w/black adjusters - $135 shipped US Domestic

Non-US International shipping is available for additional $, PM for total quote.

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1 - 6 of 6 Posts are very active with sales theese days...are you getting out of the TL buisness? are very active with sales theese days...are you getting out of the TL buisness?

We are cleaning out some storage and also parting out a customer's TLS build we've been working on. So, there are going to be lots of goodies hit the forums first before we list it all up on Ebay.

We are as invested as ever in the TL business.....even have a new website:

The new website doesn't have all our products listed up just yet...but it's getting there.

Both sets of levers have dibs on them.......

Payments pending on both....

all good Sean, i guess i am just Jealous because i got low cash flow atm, and have chosen to send them Van´s way. wich incidently made made me miss the gas cap deal you had running:sadface

its wintertime here tho, and i need new chain and stuff for the new seasson, if im lucky ill get enough cash to get a decent sized package from you.
Both sets of Pazzos are SOLD!

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