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1999 tlr north carolina

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TLR 99 FOR SALE this bike is fun 24,000 , miichlien rubber 80%, always synthetic oil , stock motor & suspension,will trade for ford excursion 4wd of equal value. $ 4000.00 o.b.o. bike is stock ph# 336 614 4134 north carolina thanks you
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you would think after being a forum member for 2 years, you would know the rules by now. No selling unless you are a paid up subscriber.
No selling unless you are a paid up subscriber.
Ummm, :no not any more. I reckon we all need to review the rules. :yes
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Oh, sorry Crazy Bitch, I must put mine on here now then.:lol
thanks all for all your help! can you e mail me or call with instructions on how to pay my subscription membership
To be honest mate, looks like rules have changed or overlooked with new owners, after seeing reply by mod, I have advertised my bike now.:lol
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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