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1999 TL1000R project for sale

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Looking to sell my 99 TL1000R. Has close to 20k miles. It is a project bike, but runs. I bought off ebay as a project, but something financially came up. Does run and drive but needs quite a bit of work. I have an almost complete set of cracked fairings, yoshi RS-3 Carbon fiber exhaust, minus the left mid pipe. Needs a new clutch lever, fairing stay, mirrors, mirror stay, front turn signals, some of the wiring should be addressed (the red/yellow power to PCM is intermittent, so it stalls when riding). The guy who had it before me has the battery held in by trimmer string, needs a new starter relay, needs tires. Needs quite a few bits and pieces. I can get pictures but as of right now I do not have ones I can upload. Originally blue/white bike, but now has a primer grey tank and no fairings on right now. Feel free to ask questions. The title is clean, but an open Texas title from about 8 years ago.. ebay seller... This may be a good street fighter project or could be a good track bike. Would like to sell whole, but could part out for the right price. The bike is in Lincoln, Nebraska. I'm asking $1300.
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I'll be waiting for pictures. Have you checked the VIN number?
I checked the vin on the title and it checks out for the bike ie a 99 TLR, but not for history. I should have. When I get home I will post some pictures and the vin #. Sorry for the delayed response, things are hectic.

Edit. The vin # does match the bike as well. Quite a surprise for an eBay sale...
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Hopefully these upload. As stated, a project bike. I also have the cracked fairings, most of them. Not pictured. I have a few odds and ends that come with it, sprockets (-1 +1 I think) a pit stand, ram air ducts, a TRE if I can find it.

Edit. Also just checked the VIN, not reported stolen or as a total loss.
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