I am not trying to do an auction of any sort. I have no idea what these are worth individually or as a bulk sale, I am open to offers and will NOT have anyone bidding against each other or anything like that.
I am having a lumbar fusion on the 29th.. and these bike days are over pretty much for me. Just make a reasonable offer for any or all you pay shipping and help us both out. I still gotta get pics of the wheels and the engine. ran out of time. So here are the pics I have right now. Items located in Tulsa Oklahoma 74115
thanks and sorry if I am violating any marketplace rules.. I have always been a buyer not a sellar and this isn't easy for me.. lol

Almost complete 97TLS part out,\
running engine (has a tick, not a knock but a tick)
Frame (does have a small crack in the usual place)
Front and back stock wheels, rear sets, shift assemblies,
rear hump, rear brake assemblies. exhaust system, etc
mostly mechanical parts is what I have.
Ask me an I will locate it if I have it and will get pictures up soon.
Shipping would be from 74115 area code

I will check here for messages but can also email me at [email protected]
Make offers I am looking to get rid of this stuff.