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Some words from the best Greek racing rider at that time. He had also taken part in some WSBK races with good results.
He instantly identifies the characteristics of the bike, maybe misjudges some others..
I translated it on a hurry but you'll get the point:

"The strong wind, blowing on the day of our test in Aeginio, was not the best combination with a motorcycle that tends to lighten -with the slightest provocation- its front wheel. A steering damper would be useful to collect the "shakes" of the front end on a day that the specific weather conditions could only be annoying, especially compared to other machines we have tried there. And the Suzuki TL1000S? Okay, it’s a top bike! But there has to be a long evolutionary path until it gets to perform as it can.

First of all, the engine: "full" and efficient power was everywhere throughout speed scale, low, high, in the middle, everywhere. And there is also an amazing transmission that, throughout the beating it took, it didn't even make a fuss, didn't show the slightest awkwardness, didn't even throw a false neutral. Just, you ... were talking to it and he was changing gear!

But something seems to be "missing" from the chassis and the way it responds to the rider’s wishes. First of all, I wasn’t convinced - as a feeling - that the motorcycle is as light as the specs say. Even if they are true the bike feels heavier. And where initially the machine is obedient to the initial change of direction, a moment comes showing an awkwardness that does not "fit" with its weight.

The result, in conclusion, is that the machine hesitates on the second "Tack" (more lean): you have already approached the turn, you make the first "break" with relatively small lean and, up to that point, everything is fine. But as you start and you see the top of the turn and you want to give - with one second "tack" - the machine refuses to change direction and close its line when you are already leaned over! An initial case makes me "suspicious" that the dimension of the rear wheel that, at 6.00 'shows an incompatibility with the front tire and the geometry of the front end. How it would be behaving in a faster flowing track is not something I can predict at the moment. But definitely the machine - always talking about this particular track - would show the best self with a 5.5 'rear rim. And maybe it would need a tire profile that would work better with its front end.

How the bike can be setup correctly is yet to be discovered. The fact remains that, as it is set up, the rear tire was finished after just two quick laps and then it started sliding. The way it loaded the the back end along with the constant wheelies made me feel like the weight distribution was much more "backwards" than the specs say.

I was very impressed, on the other hand, by the way it exited from a 1st gear corners. The rear suspension was working amazingly, reminding me of a 250 as it "picked up" the tire on the power and acceleration, without the hysterical shakes (weaves) that the Superbikes usually do in these conditions. I haven’t ridden a bike with better rear suspension!

The riding position is tall (it would suit me maybe better if it was a little taller), the pegs are a "racing" distance from the ground and all that would want is that the back end would not compress so easily and to increase the caster (rake) when I push the back end during a slide. This is something that is easily adjusted in relation to the track and the conditions. The same goes for the brakes: they perform well enough (not at a "competitive" level) and then start to it gradually fade when they are pressed long into a track – but not on the level of fade of a 916 or a GSXR 600 under similar conditions.

The bottom line: The TL 1000S isn't ready yet: not that it's a disadvantage anywhere, but it just hasn't acquired that homogeneity (as a product evolution) that would unfold its full potential: a potential which, in relation to its components is much higher. This bike with some modifications and a pair of slick tires can do fast laptimes and enter a greek race as it is."
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