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Cal-Sportbike TrackXperience is bringing back the buzz to the Willow
Springs 2.5 mile Big Track on Monday 10/27... After a very successful
Labor day event, We are happy to have you join us for another day of
fun & skill building!
To help our loyal customers afford another great day at WSIR with
TrackXperience, we have lowered our price for this event to $135.
Anyone who signed up previously at the higher price will receive a full
refund of the difference.

ORIENTATION CLASS: With our comprehensive track orientation class,
we should be the first choice for anyone looking to improve their skills
and become precision riders!

OPEN LAPPING: For experienced riders, we offer open lapping with
abundant track time minus the crowds. Our staff of professional
instructors are available throughout the day for one-on-one personal
coaching, and they monitor all groups for safe and courteous riding.

FORMAT: 3 groups, 20 minute sessions.
  • Level 1 open lapping is for riders desiring a slower pace, or
    riders with little or no track experience. The school riders are
    included this group.
  • Level 2 open lapping is for our intermediate riders, who have
    spent time at the racetrack and are more comfortable with higher
    speeds. Passing is allowed inside and out, with a 6 foot buffer.
  • Level 3 open lapping is for advanced track riders. Closer
    passing is allowed, but it must be courteous.
TRACSTAR CHALLENGE: Tracstar is a skills-based rider certification and
awards program which focuses on developing both physical and mental
bike control skills and safety habits. Tracstar is free and optional for any

AMENITIES: Chilled bottled water and Gatorade. Vendor services at this
event include trackside tire service by Racer's Edge Michelin/Precepts
Motorsports, photography by Caliphotography, suspension tuning by, on site sports massage therapy free to our riders.
Videography by Tom Davlantis! We have standby EMS and a full corner
staff for your safety.

PRICE: $135 for the day, and to thank our customers for another great
season, we will be barbequing hamburgers and hotdogs for everyone!

More information on the TrackXperience orientation classes, open
lapping, one-on-one instruction, and the Tracstar Challenge Program
can be found online at or by calling
(800) 930-8520. Registration questions may be directed to James
Hoskins @ extension 84.

JOIN US AT THE TRACK - (800)930-8520

Sidi Boots
Michelin Tires
Galfer Brakes
Vortex Racing
Pipercross Air Filters

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Little over 1 week to go, The Weather Channel forecast shows the temperature to 82f degrees for the day!

It should be an awesome day for track riding

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Man I am dying to get to the track Jay-just too busy with the TLR engine builds to take anytime off and the CBR is still a month off from completion. Is this the last date for the year? I should be able to go in Nov. and probably scrape up a couple of riders to go then...:thumbup

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Hey Kendall!

Yes this is our last event of the year.

The TLR engine builds should be a big hit once the word get out!
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