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1/5th throttle insert and dyno question

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I was having a little thought about this before i put it on.. At the moment i don't have a power commander. When i do get one when ever that may be, i'll need to have it dynoed..

The question is, would it be better to take the throttle insert out before the dyno then put it back in or would there be any real difference to how it may run if it was left in for the dyno run's?
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The 1/5th turn insert makes no difference to power or performance. It only affects how much you have ot twist the throttle tube to go from idle to wide open.

In or out before or after a dyno run will make no difference.
Yeah i figured as much, just something in my head thought otherwise :laugh
I installed mine a couple weeks ago... and I know this is off topic for what you asked... but I suggest installing it right away (espcially since it won't matter on dyno day). It's one of the best mods I've done for the money... so much so that you will be pissed at yourself that you didn't install it earlier if you've had it sitting around. You'll see!
I had it installed before i asked the question :laugh

And so far, it's gotta be the best thing i've added to the bike :devious Might save money on front tyres now :laugh
lol, man, can't buy that kind of advertizing

Yeah, has no effect other then to act as if you were twisting faster.

no change to the TB's, or TSP, no change to the Power Commander settings needed... it's just a mechanical advantage, everything is the same, you are just able to do it faster.
Hey Rifleman, I need one of those 150 hp throttle inserts you make. J/K :laugh
I would love to do mine - but that oil leak keeps coming back :rant . No reason to "boost up performance" if I can't get the fluids to stay in :coocoo
Hey Rifleman, I need one of those 150 hp throttle inserts you make. J/K :laugh
I'm all out of the 150 bHp ones, I'll just substitute the 165 hp insert instead:laugh

I'll send you a PM.

O-140, get that oil leak fixed AND install the 1/5th.:devious
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