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  1. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Can anyone tune my ECU (TLS) if I send it to em? I would be eternally greatful! :devious Just PM me on how much you want for it and your addy. Thanks guys.
  2. Aussie Forum
    Posted up a thread awhile back re the roaming Yosh box and just went back and re read it but dont know outcome,is it still in Aussie or did it go back to the States,no hassles with wherever it is just that i wouldnt mind getting it home again or theres a possibility it may fancy another UK...
  3. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    I'm trying to avoid spending $300 on a PC3 and was told I could have the FI adjusted with this method to smooth out some of the hiccups the stock FI has. The dealer says it uses an O2 analyzer with Yosh box and can probably clean up the FI in 1.5hrs. They also have a dyno, but she said they...
  4. Looking to Sell
    I bought this system from ebay: I no longer need it. I know it is more than Ipaid for it but after shipping, I'll be lucky if I make $15 on it. It's boxed and ready to go. Price...
  5. Looking to Sell
    Stainless Pipes with Ti cans. Fully polished with all hardware included, just bolt and go. The left can has 4 very small flaws that are all pointed out on the close-ups. The tags are new, as well as one of the end caps. It had a dent on the lip, so I replaced it. $725 No overseas shipping -...
  6. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    I have asked about this before and just needed to get some things cleared up. I plan on mounting the TRS dual exhaust system to my TLR and I was told that SV 1000 has the same 4 bolt patter for the exhaust. My question that Im curious is if every year for the SV uses this pattern or just certain...
  7. Want to Buy
    Ok, don't laugh, but here is my list for somewhat unobtainable parts to get for 2010. Yosh clutch cover Yosh TLR spaghetti pipe and LH midpipe Yosh gauges and last but not least.... Yosh clip ons (shackle style) If you are hoarding these parts, there is some solid cash in it for you...
  8. eBay Auctions Forum
    I can't figure out if this is an incomplete dual system or a true 2-1, I thought the Titan's were 2-1 but the mids seem to look like a 2-2 :O It's really cheap either way even as parts, and I'm suprised it hasn't sold yet...
  9. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    wondering the market value for a full tlr yoshimura rs-3 system
  10. Looking to Sell
    I have a complete Yosh system for sale, but no mufflers. Both mid-pipe have very minor dents. I will try to get pics, but I lost the cable to connect my camera to the PC darn it... $290 USD I Long Beach CA.
  11. eBay Auctions Forum Starting at $70-something for the cans and midpipes. I am not affiliated with the seller. Just thought someone may want...
  12. Open Forum
    :coocooJust had a request to send it away to someone but its both cold and dark so cant be bothered going out to the garage and cant remember where the bloody thing is at present:confusedAnyone shed any light?:laugh
  13. East Coast Region
    Does anybody have a yosh box around Maryland at all. I dont know if i have a full system on the bike or if they are just slip ons.
  14. UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    I'm getting a flat spot around 3.5k to 4k rpm. I've done the airbox and changed the end cans and this seems to have made the problem more pronouced. I've read a Yosh box can help. Does anyone have one in the North London area that could help me out?
  15. Help Forum
    ok i bought this used not clean yosh header on ebay, from what you see, do i have the mid pipes with it?
  16. eBay Auctions Forum
    I found this ad on the Pennsylvania section. Not my ad just wanted to share!
  17. Looking to Sell
    I tried to get the best pic of the rash. If you would like more let me know. $45 + shipping.
  18. Looking to Sell
    Selling my 1999 TL1000R, Looking for $8500 (this is Australia, TLs arent 3k here :no). Need to pay some debts and fix other bike. Has 46500km, is in good condition and has lots of mods Inc: Yoshimura stainless pipes K&N air filter Power Commander2 Bitubo Rear Shock 1/5th throttle insert Other...
1-18 of 76 Results