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  1. Wayne Gardner rates the 09 WSBK bikes

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  2. WSBK finale, MotoGP penultimate **Spoliers**

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    Spoiler. . . . . . . . MotoGP, all over. The 250 race was great, then a delay for the start of the MotoGP, damn. All over. He's a legend. I wonder if I'll ever get to watch someone with as much talent as Rossi race again. No 9. Bok bok. I still remember him jumping on Colin Edwards superbike...
  3. WSBK Brno Spolier

    Open Forum
    Busy night. WSBK & MotoGP I'll be bouncing between Fox Sports 1 & Fox Sports 2 all evening. I'll watch the 600's over the 125's. MotoGP & WSBK R2 will be hard. Poor Ben, taken out by a hurt Haga's teamate :laugh Bone head move, but just a racing incident as I saw it, just more bad luck for...
  4. WSBK Donnington LIVE on the internet NOW

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    To those who don't have the opportunity to watch the WSBK live on their TV here's a link . First race starting in just a couple of minutes
  5. cool bikes at WSBK

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    little bit of history seen at miller; then one of me and my daughter making a lap at the track after setting up camp. good times!
  6. WSBK Pics (Miller Motorsports Park)

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    I had a problem transfering my day 1 pictures, so here is day 3 (race day).
  7. WSBK in Utah

    Central Region
    I got my tickets a while ago. I was wondering who is going to be there?
  8. WSBK, Question Aprilia, and AMA?

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    I noticed that the new Aprilia's is doing fairly well in WSBK (currently 5th in Manufacturer Standings), which I am very glad. Does any one know why Aprilia's only run in the Sportbike Class in AMA instead of the Superbike Class?:confused
  9. Valencia, WSBK 2009, 3rd Round ***SPOILER***

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Spies got unlucky on the first race :banghead I was looking forward for some intense racing between him and Haga but he let us all down, I guess :banghead Haga was too strong to be beaten today. Even Spies couldn't touch him in the second race. 6 seconds of difference show how fast Nitro Nori...
  10. Valencia WSBK is starting for those with live coverage

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    Another fix coming up :yumyum
  11. phillip island wsbk anyone goin

    Aussie Forum
    hey guys just wondering if anyone was making the trip down to phillip island for the superbikes was thinkin i mite just go down on the sunday for the day.:)
  12. WSBK & WSS Magny-Cours **spoiler**

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    . . . . . . . . . Woot! :hail Bayliss. Way to bow out. As a champion, not in the back of an ambo or just fade away and battle to get a ride. (Even if he did win it on a cheater bike :laugh) :hail Andrew Pitt. Two Aussie World Champions crowned in the one day :)
  13. WSBK *Spoiler* (Sort of)

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    :doh . . . . . . . . . The Aussie on the cheaters bike has to wait another round. :banghead 4 corners from taking the Championship we have to wait until the next round. Kick his arse! Great racing this weekend, mixed with some carnage and fairing bashing too.