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  1. Open Forum
    Yeah here we go again. Spent last Friday in agony while testing out a high count copper cable in a secure area. Had to be scheduled 48 hours out to get access so pain or no pain I had to be there. Spent the next few hours biting holes in my lip and then the pain just stops. Having been down...
  2. Open Forum
    Best day of the week so far. :D I changed jobs a little over a year ago to head the start up of a communications division for an existing electrical company. Even though I knew the same people in the industry and they liked me it still takes about eight months to get rolling again. I did it in...
  3. Aussie Forum
    [email protected]#$ me,up another $32 from last year. :laugh I had been eyeing up a 630SM due in April but the rego killed it,even a GSX1400 is off the cards. East or West coast here i come. :rotfl
  4. Open Forum
    cooks corner hosted a two stroke extravaganza meet complete with music. a group of 8 headed down there. i rode my gf ginas 73 G5, saw 65 indicated once, overheated it twice and had to take a smoke break and let it cool off. rode the kawi 65 miles, came home with gina following in her honda...
  5. Open Forum
    I reconnected with my past (thank you facebook!!) and met someone who gave me the courage to finally face my fears of hurting my children by starting a new relationship. I announced it yesterday to them and it was good and bad - the oldest daughter Nicole is pretty upset because she just...
  6. Open Forum
    Well i just had the pleasure of passing four of them in about 15 minutes time. :banana Thursday night I was chillin at the computer and doubled over like I'd been stabbed in the side. I've been there before so I knew it was a stone coming. I popped a vicodin and a muscle relaxer and prepared to...
  7. Open Forum
    Found a biggie this morning knocking at the front door to get in. I thought it was a baby tarantula so I scooped it up for pictures later, turns out it isn't a tarantula. :banghead Oddly enough I caught one of these two years ago in the garage, I mean the exact same thing. Had I known what it...
  8. Open Forum
    got my tickets to wsbk at miller motorsports park! anyone else going (zippytls/r)?
  9. Suzuki SV650, SV1000, & Others
    WooHoo - just picked up 2003 SV650S for the Mrs this afternoon. Managed to jump on it within minutes of it being posted on local Craigs list. Just lucky timing. Only 4600 miles & pretty much pristine - fairly OEM except for Racetech fork emulators & GSXR rear shock, good both upgrades...
1-9 of 12 Results