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  1. friday's project (with pics)

    Open Forum
    my nephew wanted a rack for his ford ranger. this is what i came up with. took most of the day, but it came out ok, i think.
  2. 03-04 GSXR 1K forks (with extras)

    Looking to Sell
    Everything in picture included. Fantastic shape. $415 Plus actual shipping and insurance. -Chris I also have calipers, master cylinder and fender for this if interested.
  3. My Holiday Pics!! (with G'friend this time)

    Open Forum
    The Girlfriend and I went on Holiday to Lanzarote back in June. Was a fantastic little island to visit, Volcanic and full of wonderful beaches and montains/deserts. We hired a car so got to see all of the island during the 2 weeks that we stayed. Managed to get captured having Sex on the...
  4. another exhaust thread (with a Difference)

    Open Forum speechless :dowhat
  5. Vacuum hose question (with pics)

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    While doin thermo mod, i removed vacuum hoses. The hose with bolt was allready done, one with the zip tie i did. (front injector) Have i stuffed up or is this correct :O