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  1. GoPro Motorsport Wide SD

    Looking to Sell
    Includes what you see here ... this is the SD version, NOT the HD! Used maybe a dozen times so it's in great condition and I've not used any of the adhesive mounts so they're all there too! I'll throw in a 2Gb SD card too :) US$150...
  2. Wide Tire -Extened options

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    As I have been working on this TL-R, the owner has expresed interest in the Wide tire - extented swing arm mod. I personally like the bike as it is proformance and handleing wise, but whats out there for the 01 TL?
  3. Got my wide carrazerrias today

    Bike Pictures
    and boy what a sexy piece of gear the rear is thanks again speedking!!! i now have everything to put the tiller back together. the rear is going on a jmc swingarm 8" over with mega over and under bracing.