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  2. Photography
    This is me and my pride and joy in action at Cadwell Park goin over "The Mountain" on a track day. This is the second TLR i've owned in 10 years and I still think they are the most badass bikes to come out of Japan. I will be doing a lot of mods over the winter to make it handle loads better...
  3. Open Forum
    I mentioned my scientific wheelie scale in another thread, and thought my fellow TL could benefit from learning about my patented horsepower/torque quantification method, which yields higher performance resolution than a chart. A few years ago I was actually hired by two different Japanese...
  4. UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    What do you think? as i cant wheelie for shit even tho ive done a day there this year but im really gagging to go again for a second dose, basically its the jimmy fireblade bandit wheelie school which is near skeggy, lincolnshire. i think he'll only cater to up to 5 or 6 bikes at once so places...
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  6. Open Forum
    Well ive booked a day at jimmy fireblades wheelie school on the 25th of july, with a bit of luck ill be one wheeling for ever more, anyone been before or planning on going?:devious
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    ill start, not me, old neighbor kid
  9. Bike Pictures
    built this for buddy a mine in the mid 80's,1150 suzuki,he had me do the design/fab work...a little backround,i had been maching(manual)parts for high-end wheel chairs and the extrusion you see that i use for clamps and hard points are all the same extrusion/pattern.... 100% epoxy(JB weld)...
  10. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    so i was ridin around with some buddies yesterday and came up on a rr. he rips one up for a little so i picked it up in second behind him. started to get close to him so i put it down...came down pretty hard not going to lie and the f1 light was on. hmmmmm so i turned off the key restarted it...
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    This is awesome: