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  1. Ride to hervey bay next weekend

    Aussie Forum
    Hey guys I'm moving out of brisbane to herveybay next weekend any company for the ride would be much appreciated and welcomed will be an early saturday morning leve anyone interested pm me for details
  2. Great Labor Day Weekend in Cali

    Bike Pictures
    Start off by taking the family vehicle shopping for the weekend Dam i hate the bachalor life:laugh Go to the beach then get pulled over by the cops Then Sunday roll the TL with your buddys for a few beers at Newport Beach
  3. Snowy Ride 2009 Weekend of the 7th November

    Aussie Forum :laugh:laugh Hey Guys For those of you who haven't done this...check it out Great weekend We leave Melbourne Friday morning and leave Jindabyne Sunday Mid morning A few ways to go and all good fun...hook up with a group and have a great time. I have done it twice and...
  4. Brands Hatch BSB this weekend

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    Anybody going? We are gonna be there from Thursday lunchtime..need prime escape position on campsite for Aaron :) Lucky tike is getting a ride round brands in the safety car on friday....he missed it in April....sending Tankslappa off with him while I get the photo's :)
  5. STT Monticello Labor Day weekend Sept 6-7

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Hey everyone, just in got my email about the next Monticello with STT Im signed up anyone else going? Heres the deal. " Sport bike tracktime and Monticello motor club are doing it again........ STT is running a 2 day event over Labor day week end September 6th and 7th , SUNDAY AND LABOR...
  6. August 28&29 NJMSP Lightning weekend

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    TPM event, anyone else going?
  7. Scarborough this weekend

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    Anyone going ? Me and my mate are riding up on Friday,,, few beers and a curry Friday night then up for the racing on Saturday..few more beers and maybe another curry Sat night then up for more great racing Sunday..:) Stu, are you marshalling?
  8. TrackXperience @ Streets of Willow weekend of 7/11-12

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    TrackXperience will be at Streets of Willow July 11th and 12th! We are happy to have you join us at this fun track. The price is $120 for one day or $220 for both days. It’s going to be a great time! FORMAT: 3 groups, 20 minute sessions. The New Riders School doesn't cost anything extra...
  9. Sold my Stang85 My weekend report.

    Open Forum
    This weekend I went up to Carlisle PA to the Ford nationals with my 12 year old project. Http:// I did not have the heart to part it so I was trying to sell the whole package for $1000.00 Friday started as any day would, went to work at 3P.M. I decided I...
  10. Great start to the weekend

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Finshed work early so thought I would start the bank holiday weekend by going the long way home just to find the rear tyre is flat.Out came the puncture repair kit just to find the valve to the gas bottle is missing.Ended up getting the bike recovered on the breakdown cover.Going to have to get...
  11. Did the TPS and TB over the Weekend, Result?

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Hi All, Quick Q, I did the TPS and TB over the Weekend, the result bike feels like a new monster trying to run away with me hanging on for dear life!!!! Bikes exhaust note changed to a deeper growl with the standard gutted cans on and pull great from idle, stutter at 3 -4k rpm is gone. It...
  12. Easter weekend ride out?? Saturday 11th April

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    Thought i would put a post up here to see if anyone would be interested in a ride out on Saturday 11th in the South Lincolnshire area?? The route would be starting near Boston,, and taking an approx 95 mile ride around the the countryside, including conningsby, revesby bends, through to Skeggy...
  13. Set-Up Suspension this weekend

    Open Forum
    Okay tried to set up my sag this weekend with the new Bitubo on the rear and stuff and guess what?????? 1. - the sage was like 3mm to start but come to find out that i can't even get the spanner tool in there to adjust it at all. So what i've done is just put in on the softest setting and went...
  14. Spent My Weekend Turning This...

    Open Forum
    Into This... Was a lot of fun wrenching on the little Honda this weekend. Especially when I got my hand wedged between the frame and the dang engine:eek2: Here's the wiring (anybody know a good electrical engineer???): Here's the engine in all it's solo glory (135lbs my butt!): Got the...
  15. Just a thought, but a weekend ride?

    Aussie Forum
    If the price was right and the timing was right and it wasnt to much, would guys be interested in maybe doing a weekend ride, or even a ride to tassie ?.. Or to hard to organise with clothes etc?.....would it be pausible and probabale? Ideas or thoughts to see if it is possible? or maybe a...
  16. Went to Belgium last weekend (end of Sept '08)

    Just before the crossing Just before the crossing as well Literally about to cross, but the train hasn't actually left yet :no Sitting at our first foreign traffic lights...ah the memories... :) View from the big wheel in Ostende, looking inland at the church within touching / praying...
  17. Indy MotoGP weekend

    Open Forum
    FYI - weather permitting there are test rides available tomorrow morning (Saturday) I'm hoping for a spin on a SuperDuke as there isn't much point in riding a RC8, R-1, etc. around on city streets. There's a Triumph/BMW dealer not far from the track offering demos as well.
  18. Is Any One Riding To The MotoGp This Weekend In Indy....

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Like the post says, I am Riding down to Indy for the moto gp this weekend and did not know if any others are planning to attend if so maybe we could meet up and all ride together to the track. Shoot me a post if any one is interested.:devious:devious:devious
  19. Free Pass for WSB Donnington this weekend

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    Just received a free pass from Vent Axia who sponsor the VK Honda Team I'm not bothered about going as I prefer to watch on the Telly so I'm just checking that I can give the pass to another (Ahem) work colleague :devious You will need to report to the Redgate Suite numbers 29/30 between...
  20. Heck of a weekend

    Open Forum
    So, I got the Bitubo shoved into the TL on 08-30. OMFGFHWTF a huge change there. I love it. So that night degrades into Jager and vodka at my neighbor's house. Sunday was hangover and find the floor day at the house. Monday my neighbor and I get his RD350 put together for the most part, twitter...