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  1. East Coast Region
    Getting a group of people together for a ride Saturday March 6th from Tampa, FL to Daytona Beach. Weather permitting. This is NOT a TL only ride so your welcome to ride anything you want. Tentatively leaving 7-8AM and returning late that night. Return trip your on your own because if my back...
  2. Bike Pictures
    Is there still a 2 bag maximum:O:confused:devious
  3. Want to Buy
    I hate to open the wallet, but I've got a ride coming up next week with some buddies and my Yoshi's are in pieces all over the garage. Because of my limited experience mail ordering TL goodies, I'm not sure who to check, other than to get my Google on. Found what looks like a pretty good deal...
  4. Open Forum
    Below is the local news' account of what has happened at my home this week. My comments are at the end "Aredubu" : The first crime wasn't reported. A man was held at gunpoint and...
  5. The Video Store
    As seen on Speed Channel Dont Miss out
  6. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Hi all, Got a dyno last week at Brisbane, and ended up with 115HP at the wheel, does this sound about normal or can i get more out of a TLS?
  7. Open Forum
    Anyone planning on being there this year? I've never been but am going to try for a day or two.
  8. Open Forum
    Any locals want to rent/share their accomodation? I would want to go from march 3 to march 8. Oh boy, this post makes me look cheap !!
  9. Photography
    decided to shoot up some pictures one day last week. :O in chronological order... 6m bike ride to school stop at the gym ted the machinist and undergrad viviana placing an work order sunny and jennifer loving grad school. on the cart is a 18kW air heater used to preheat the new...
  10. Open Forum
    Took a trip on the TL last week then hopped in a car right after. 2K km in four days and a lot of fun. Pics here:
  11. Open Forum
    ill be in boston this weekend and montreal next week. not sure my whereabouts in boston. ill be at mcgill university downtown montreal all next week. anyone want to grab a beer?
1-13 of 14 Results