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  1. weak spongy front brakes!

    Help Forum
    I have a 98tlr and my front brakes are crap! they do stop the bike but i can almost pull the lever back to the bar and i know from previous bikes that they should be firm! has anyone else had this problem and how do i sort it? i have bled the brakes twice, tried the cable tie overnight but...
  2. Weak Starter?

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    I got up the other day and tried to start my 2000 TLR, but It would not turn over, I checked the battery voltage and it read 6v, I though I had a drained or bad batery, so I proceeded to jump start it (from my car) and it ran fine all the way to work. After work, the same happened and i jump...
  3. weak compression

    Help Forum
    i started my orange 1998 tl1000r wednesday 10-29-08 .it sounded really funny,like it had no power. I removed the fuel tank and air box ,then started the bike ,i put my hand over the forward intake pipe and i felt the suction ,but when i put my hand over the aft intake hole not much sucking out...