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    This past summer I sprung a leak from the weep hole on the TLS - letting me know that the seal had failed and needed replacing - I have the old seals out and am trying to install the new water pump seal :O that lives in the engine cover case on the impeller side. This seal is housed in a...
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    I am in the process of changing out the thermostat on my '97 TLS as I still have the original f**cked up design that Suzuki designed for the '97. I am going to go with "all stock" conversion on this job but was wondering if anyone knows if a TLR water pump cover will fit on my TLS. Thanks -
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    anyone got a 1999+ TLS water pump cover to sell me? 17410-02F10 on Ron Ayers web site if you need a picture. Just missed one for £23.................
  4. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Hi all, I noticed water coming from the right hand side of my 1997 TLS. On the water pump housing there is a drain screw and just below that is a hole. It is from here the water was coming from. Looking in the manual it said that the mechanical switch and rubber washers will need to be...
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    Check this out!!
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    Am i just blind or daft?? i cant find the part number for the mechanical seal on the fiche, i need the numbers for, the oil seal behind the clutch case, the metal bit for the mechanical seal that you can araldite in and the mechanical seal itself, this is mainly to all the folks who have done...
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    Went on ron ayres fiche for the part numbers for the water pump seal and there are 2 numbers for the same seal assuming the 2nd part number is a newer one and the one to buy?? part number is 17470-02f10 number3-2...
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    a mate told me i got water in my oil thankfully i got a clear clutch cover and it was foggy on the inside and the oil is a milky colour any ideas?? he said it could b just a seal or a head gasket is that bout right??
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    I changed my oil the other day and while waiting for the last little bit to trickle out I noticed what appeared to be a few small drops of water or antifreeze roll out into the pan. Am I in trouble here or could this be normal condensation build up? It couldn’t have been more than 1/2 teaspoon...
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    Thank Goodness for a properly grounded heater, box and breaker arrangement. Made a pretty impressive noise when she blew. The "Good Element"
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    I need a water pump cover for a TL1000s which is from a later model which also has an outlet for a smaller water pipe behind the main outlet for the rad. If anyone could help me out that would be great.:)
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    Today, I drained the oil ready for some fresh stuff. At first, I thought that I'd undone the wrong nut - about 1 cup of water came pissing out, followed by mayo. What's likely to be the most likley candidate? Paul.
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    could someone please help me with this problem. i need to remove the engine cover on the clutch side but cant get the wheel with the fins off which is inside the little cover linked to the water pipe to the raidiator
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    Why :O Even on a coldish day, she is leaking fuel from the tank water drain hose :banghead Manual doesnt show any other breathers for the fuel tank (thought it could be a blocked breather) and the breather under the fuel cap is actually a water/condensation drain - which is leaking fuel :rant...
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    Ideally the later one with the bypass connection but any will do really. Could do with two aswell
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    water pump cover
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    I buy one take out the old one. Compare. Looks like the old one is fine so I think, The new one was different and would not work, decided old was okay and the leak was coming from the gasket. I return the new one. I buy some high temp gasket sealer, scape off old gasket, install sealer...
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    Hi everyone Again rebuilt my engine 4 days ago and Started my bike to go for a ride today as the weather was good and found a small water leak dripping down the front side of the clutch cover Couldn't see any external leaks on head/base gaskets but then noticed that my gearbox has got water in...
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    Anyone know how to get waterspots out of the aluminum stock frame? I tried Blue Magic, Mothers and another generic brand and the spots still remain. I bought the bike recently and the last owner must have let water or some type of solvent settle in without cleaning it and now the aluminum has...
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    I still have a ways to go but I have not decided on how to complete the bottom yet. Http://