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    i think it had its high lights and its low low lights, it was kinda a joke i thought almost unorganized. the rolling start seemed to be a complete **** up. even the camera men sucked, i know about 2 dozen guys that film in stunt lots that could shoot and keep in focus better then that. they...
  3. Group Buys
    Pilette designed a watch and had it made for me for Christmas with a TLS engine on the face. I've gotten a few PM's asking about the watch. Currently the one I have is the only one in existence, but Pilette could probably be convinced to order up some more if folks are interested. She thinks she...
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    Leak know ya bastard,:rant:deviousTheres enough solder/copper on this tank to sink a ship and methinks it may just fall into lefthanders but hey at least it shouldnt bloody leak anymore,found 2 more big holes around where pump goes in,incrediable really:O
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    Had a mail from a buddy saying Chrome lets him get around the region lock-outs and he can watch the racing live on ... anyone else confirm? How about the BBC coverage that only the poms can get?