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  1. Wanted: Left Mirror and Heel Gaurd TLR

    Want to Buy
    I am looking for a left mirror and a left rear heel gaurd for my 01 TLR. They need to be in very good condition as I am putting they on a VERY clean TLR. If you have either or both of these and would like to sell please message me with a price shipped to 45150. If you have a picture that would...
  2. Wanted: A clean 03'tlr. Have an 04' busa le to trade

    Want to Buy
    Hey everyone, I had a 00 tlr and just sold two months ago to get an 04' busa limited ed.:banghead Love the busa power but miss the tlr grunt and uniqueness. I would like to trade or sell the Hayabusa ($6,200) to get back onto a TLR. Value wise, I need some cash to boot from the TLR if...
  3. Help wanted: Above 5000 rpm TLR begins to shock/shake

    Help Forum
    When I drove my bike this morning I had a problem. It began to shake/stotter at around 5000rpm. Like it gets no fuel of If you have some dirt in it. If I pull the clutchhandle and than give a bit gass, it will easily go above the 5000rpm. It doesn't make strange noises. Please help. Thanx.
  4. Front guard bolts wanted:

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    i need 4 x of the dome front guard bolts please ASAP cheers brett