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  1. WANTED--main wire harness/ wire loom/ plastics-- WANTED

    East Coast Region
    hello everyone, I have had my 2002 TLR for about a year. It spent six months of that in the shop with no luck fixing my issue. TL starts and runs high RPMS, no code, hot on one side of exhaust, and it runs really rough for maybe 10 minutes and then dies. I have opened her up to the belly and...
  2. Starting Issue, Help Wanted

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    So here is the deal. I rode out to my buddies house to start his bike up and let it run. (He is deployed to haiti at the moment so he cant do it himself haha) Everything was great, the ride out there was awesome it was 60 degrees here in kansas which is crazy. Then when i go to start my bike...
  3. I humbally wanted to show off now.

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    It's been 7 months of fun. Let's see. 2002 TL1000R.. PCIII, internal engine work by Power Toys in Chino, custom paint by T Creations (factory paint scheme and lines ghosted in the background), RC Component wheels, Lindiman Penske shock, re-worked factory forks, aluminum fork adjusters, carbon...
  4. Always wanted and now Finally have.

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Hello all. My name is Jeremy and am now finally able to say that I am a proud owner of a TL1000R. I have one since 1999 but could not afford since at the time I was such a low rank in the Marines. But now 11 years later I fianlly have one. Nice to meet all of you and hope to maybe one day ride...
  5. Canadian trip help wanted

    Open Forum
    Hey up you Canadian guys My wife and myself are planning THE BIG TRIP and are hoping for some input from you lot. The plan is to take a 3 month trip across your great country on motorbike and maybe drifting into Northern USA taking in the normal touristy sort of spots This will probably...
  6. 6 Bolt Clutch Wanted in the UK

    Want to Buy
    Hi guys I'd like to complete the recent mods to my '97 TLS by replacing the 5 bolt clutch with the 6 bolt version. I have some Van bling waiting to finish off the conversion nicely. Does anyone have the parts I need and that they would be willing to part with? Cheers guys Chris
  7. WANTED URGENTLY - TLR Top clamp

    Aussie Forum
    I have a buyer for my forks but he wants the top and bottom tripple clamps. I've offered to though in the bottom for free but he still requires a top clamp. Does anyone have one, that you want to sell ?? or to help me out and give it to me for FREE:devious Cheers:)
  8. Powdercoat Tip wanted

    Open Forum
    I had the Frame powdercoated on my lads 96'CR125, great job but I left the frame in two parts (frame and subframe) so that they could be coated individually, (reason: so that the two parts could be disassembled to facilitate airbox removal) but the guy thought he'd do me a favour and put the...
  9. just wanted to say hi..

    Open Forum
    just signed up to the site. i am on i ride a 03 750. my buddy has an 03 TL1000R and just trying to help him out with some stuff. figured what better way to learn then from other TL owners. mine and his bike up @ lake Ray roberts here in Dallas area.
  10. Wanted 1998 left side panel

    Want to Buy
    Right side not left .... Doh! Folks I dropped my bike on Friday taking it off the ramp:coocoo I need the right side fairing panel in blue and white and a belly pan either blue or black , all must be near mint to replace the cracked ones.. UK only obviously. Cheers. Jon.
  11. Can not post in wanted section 'Mods please'

    Site Questions, Comments, & Suggestions
    Mods I have tried to place an ad in the wanted section but am not allowed to, says I have insufficient rights ??? I am fully paid up Platinum member . Have just noticed it dosnt show the platinum bar above my avatar ???
  12. just wanted to say hey......

    Open Forum
    been super busy with work and my weekend have been jam packed with shit. working outa town and normally coming home and either taken off on the bike going some where like XDL nashville, AMA races at RA or to a lot session with the guys. hope everyones doing well be safe. neal
  13. Wanted - TLR Jack Up Plates

    Want to Buy
    I'm after some jack up plates for the TLR as i don't want to fork out loads of money on rear sets. Can anyone help?
  14. TL/S Wanted

    Want to Buy
    Starting to look for a clean TL/S for my cousin. Hopefully close to Ohio and in good shape. Not looking for top quality just a running no nonsense bike. Thanks much and if I dont answer here, PM me please. Thank you much.................Mattu
  15. Wanted - TLR Rear Shock - Standard or aftermarket

    Want to Buy
    i am after a rear shock for a TLR. I would like a standard one to play with, preferably from the UK so the postage is cheap, but would buy from international if the postage is reasonable. Also looking for an aftermarket shock if anyone has one going spare for £100 ish. Alex.
  16. 97 tls green front fairing wanted

    Want to Buy
    Looking to buy or trade for parted needed if I have a green 97 tls front fairing has to be in mint condition with the tl1000s stickers and all pm if anyone has thanks
  17. wanted tl1000r parts

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    hi does anyone have or know where i could get a tl1000r rh fairing and the upper radiator
  18. Powercommander 111 wanted

    Want to Buy
    Is there any good deals goin for PC111s. :O Ive found $270US + delivery on
  19. Wanted - TL 1000 R 3rd Gear

    Want to Buy
    Desperately seeking a third gear on the output shaft, the rest of the box is fine. I know that Sam might have one but i thought that i would cast the net a little wider and see if anyone has one lying around in good condition? Thanks
  20. tl1000 engine info wanted

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    hi guys n girls. im looking for a tl engine for my next bike. i am just wanting to know what engine to go for? i want a FI engine, and someone told me the R engine has a better gearbox then the S engine, is this true? thanks :)