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  1. Not for us yet, but :), Suzuki Announce Vintage Parts Programme

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  2. vegas vintage auction

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    i cant go this year,but i went a few years ago to help deliver some bikes for the auction.deffinately go if you can,the flattrack races as well as all the kool bikes makes it a real treat !! i ended up one afternoon drinking whisky at the bar with bud ekins ...
  3. two stroke ride and show plus early morning vintage bike whoring - woohoo

    Open Forum
    cooks corner hosted a two stroke extravaganza meet complete with music. a group of 8 headed down there. i rode my gf ginas 73 G5, saw 65 indicated once, overheated it twice and had to take a smoke break and let it cool off. rode the kawi 65 miles, came home with gina following in her honda...
  4. Mid-Ohio Vintage Days Pics

    Open Forum Not mine but I think you will like them.
  5. Vintage suzuki commercial

    Open Forum
    Found this on a blog. Did they really just say "Theres a stranger out there waiting for you"? :laugh