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  2. The Video Store Toldja :laugh but I think I hit the position for the camera spot on!
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    I need to find a free program to convert a WMV file to DVD. I also need it really fast. I hate it when people wait until the last minute for things. :banghead
  4. The Video Store
    Went great. We supplied the bikes for the video. The bike at 34 seconds is a TLR VIDEO
  5. The Video Store
    This was a quiet evening by the Zone standards...breaks up a bit near the end...something to do with the noise LOL
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    I'd think the weight of these guys balls would negatively affect the handling of the motorcycle for sure.
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    by the way nicky kwalified 4th for tomorrows race !!
  8. The Video Store
    Have a look, decent compilation TLR piece.
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    i found the video of casey stoners highside and me responding to it as turn worker. im the first out. his bike was still in gear on its side when i approached. i looked for the kill switch but i couldnt find it. pulled in the clutch and tried to lift the bike. the left clip on broke off in my...
  10. The Video Store
    check out this video its well funny
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    Seether recently did a cover of WHAM!'s Careless whisper...sounds BADASS :hail the video is pretty sweet as well :thumbup
  12. The Video Store
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    Just before the Assen TT MotoGP race, there's an amusing and funny vid under the subject "Three riders for one title" at the aforementioned site. I don't know for how long it will be there but it's free to watch... :hail
  14. The Video Store
    I saw the motard guys on this and was impressed enough to start buying Icons stuff: They have some creative talent no doubt...
  15. The Video Store
    Not a TL video but a Desmosedici and a 1098 makes for an interesting comparison
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    I found a video link a few weeks back of a TL drag bike that blew a piston and almost took a guys hand off. Anyone know where that was?? Did some searches but come up with nothing.:O
1-16 of 43 Results