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  1. Motor Tear Down and Rebuild
    I am a big fan of cryogenicaly treating engine parts like they do in formula one. do you see a benefit to cryoing valves and valve springs or does it make them to brittle?? just wanna know before I take apart my engine and replace parts .thanks!!
  2. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    my 97 tl1000s backfires when cold or when i ream on the throttle and let off... when i let off it backfires. is this normal or do i need to adjust some valve? it only has 25k miles.... i live in seattle :p
  3. Help Forum
    Hi just checked the valve on my TL...last time i checked them was the winter before and they where in specs.. heres what i got this time.. Front EX .178 IN .102 Rear EX .203 IN Outter .127 Inner .152 ok, so spec is EX 0.2-0.3 IN 0.1 to 0.2 so , should i worry about the ones close to...
  4. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Hi guys i am back after a frustration break :laugh, today i pulled down the front cylinder, and wow o wow :banghead I found both the inlet and exhaust valves smashed to bits, I was expecting to find just the inlet valve rooted, the piston and head are totaled as one would expect, the bore and...
  5. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Guys, Remember i had the problem with the damaged rear cylinder on my TL when the exhaust valve got damaged and at the same time damaged the rear cylinder exhaust cam. Got the bike back from the "stealership" and since have sourced a camshaft to replace. Got all the parts to put the bike back...
  6. Help Forum
    I've got my ractech springs and the valve kit. But i'm a little lost. The valve need to be set to my riding style. Ha like i have any style:laugh. So i dont know how i should set up the valves/forks i plan on al least 5 trackdays this year and street riding. When ever possible. Any help would be...
  7. Help Forum
    This doesn't look right to me. is it normal for the inlet valves on an 01GSXR750 to look like this? also there was a bold jammed in the hose connecting the pair valve to the air box. it was jammed in about 30mm or so. is this the previous owner disabling the pair valve or perhaps it was the...
  8. Performance Enhancement
    Just measured my combustion chamber volume after installing a set of Ferrea valves. With standard TLR pistons and a squash of .9 mm I get a chamber volume of 41.5 cc So I end up with a Cr of 13:1. With standard TLR cams and 98 octane fuel do you think 13:1 will be ok. The heads on the Ferrea...
1-8 of 8 Results