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  1. Cagiva V-raptor 1000 Windscreen mods?

    Suzuki SV650, SV1000, & Others
    Hey! 1st post here... I've been searching for a windscreen for my v-rap for a while. Have come across some sites that sell them, but they all are connected to the handlebars... Can't have that. Plastic would fill the air on the first turn. Have anyone done brackets for v-rap? Show me some...
  2. Cagiva V-Raptor 1000 mods

    Open Forum
    Anyone know where I can order some aftermarket accessories for my beautiful V-Raptor 1000? Looking for all kinds of stuff: - Clear front indicator covers - tire huggers - Exhaust - Turbo - ??? thanks!
  3. V-Raptor in the 1/4 mile

    Suzuki SV650, SV1000, & Others
    Finally getting some consistancy with the reaction times etc. Reaction times sitting around 0.100-0.150. Did a PB of 11.313 @ 196.79 kph , 60 ft of 1.865 and no nitrous till 2nd gear, and only 20 shot. Its not the fastest bike but it draws a lot of looks and feels good when you've done all the...