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  1. MCN Top 10 sports twins rated (20th May '09)

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    TLR owners look away quick :( How did a 748 get second??
  2. More twins needed on the road.

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    :cheersI just thought I'd share a story and make a plea to all riders out there. I went to a bike night two nights ago and about 20 riders showed up. For some sad reason, I was the only one on a twin. We went on a ride from just North of Ft Worth to Bedford(Texas) and ended up at a decent bar &...
  3. Soon to be having twins

    Bike Pictures
    Just like these guys but with bikes I still have a few parts to scrounge for but it should look something like this when it's done: and a couple of the 'A' bike:
  4. Twins

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    I had a couple of twins at the house yesterday and they were being real camera hogs.