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    ok i was tryin to start my TLR and it was turning over for 30sec then it stoped and now the relay under the seat clicks and then i try runing a + wire from the batt to the starter it turns over. anyone no what it is?
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    I just bought a 2000 TLR and i never noticed it before riding, until i was in some bad traffic on a hot day and the thing started to over heat. Anyone have any ideas on why this is happening?
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    so i repalced my tires on the tlr and bought the dunlop qualifiers. the problem is that when i try to turn it feels like the bike is fighting me to turn in... i have the tire pressure set to 36/36 psi. is this a pressure issue? rear tire missaligned? or normal?
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    Into This... Was a lot of fun wrenching on the little Honda this weekend. Especially when I got my hand wedged between the frame and the dang engine:eek2: Here's the wiring (anybody know a good electrical engineer???): Here's the engine in all it's solo glory (135lbs my butt!): Got the...
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    Just thought about this... When you shut down your bike, do you use the kill switch then turn the key off, or just turn the key off? I always just turn the key off. When I accidently turn the kill switch off I immediately blame MaryJane for the clutch, kickstand, etc. just wondering, C