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  1. Power Commander / PCII on a TLS

    Performance Enhancement
    This is probably an old topic for most of ya! But when I first got a TL about 6 years ago, people were saying, "get a PCII get a PCII!!!". So I got one because it ran badly, and I felt the difference by just plugging it in (no mapping at all). Then later on I got it dyno'd and £50 and 45mins...
  2. tuning box

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    So I saw mattthehat thinking of building these tuning box, but I don't now when will they be available. Was wondering what are all the variates of the yoshbox, I heard of makbox toastbox etc etc who has one? Anyone with one does these work just like the yoshox? OR Did anyone here build one...
  3. FI Tuning Geeky Stuff

    Open Forum
    Check these plots out from my FZ1. I am working with a guy over on that board and he is running filtering algorithms on my maps. He is an expert FI tuner and works on race oriented Subarus and such. Neat stuff. :hail Original map, it works good in my bike. Too spiky though. 1st...
  4. tuning the hydroic clutch..

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    just bought the tl 1000r, 2001. when i bought it i noticed that it's clutch engages really late, i thought no problem, i'll losen the cable when i get home, low and behold i found out it had a hydrolic clutch, which i have never delt with before, any help on how to adjust this or is it's clutch...
  5. Yoshi Box Tuning Settings ???????

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    Hi all i hope you can help.......? i have put a K&N and Art Cans on my 1997 TLS, it is running a lt little rough, i have access to yoshi box but would first like to know if anyone has done any modifications and would share the settings or any inforamtion ?? i have looked online but some only...
  6. Dyno tuning pricing....

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    I did some calling around my local shops to find out how much do they charge... Couple of places didn't want to do it with a PC2 at all. A hand full of places, all with same kind of dynojet machine with exhaust monitoring and all other gadgets/options said same thing about custom maps: 1. PC2...
  7. tps and throttle body tuning

    Open Forum
    Hi to all I,m going to do tps and throttle body tuning tomorrow i want to say thanks to Steve TLS for all the info you are grate :hail thanks :)
  8. need tuning info 4 power commander 3 tls 1999

    Help Forum
    please help i bought new tl1000s b/c my 1997 tls was stolen worse day of my life,, now got loan on 1999 tls and has power commander 3 or III usb cf viper s/o and no instrutions or cord to connect to computer.. no idea how to use or tune my bike.. and i did on old one tfi and had little dials to...
  9. Factory Pro Tuning Pro Evo Shift Kits

    Motor Tear Down and Rebuild
    eny thots on this or maby some experience
  10. PP Tuning Gas Cap

    Looking to Sell
    Black, CNC cut, aircraft quality aluminum. Keyless, screw-on cap (threaded) that needs almost two full turns to remove. You will use the four OEM bolts of your gas cap. Was on the bike for a tad more than a month. No scratches or any other marks (Anything seen at the pics is just light...