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  1. My Tribute to a True Loving and Loyal Friend

    Open Forum
    Today my chores seemed harder than ever, for today I will say goodbye forever, the sky is all cloudy and grey, just how I feel on this day. The love we share, will always be there, many a mile we have traveled together. We both shared the love of a mate, for many years you have brightened...
  2. Tribute to my mom Love ya mom

    Open Forum
    If you have trouble reading this layout. I put it at the bottom as well. scroll down. My Mother's Love My mother's love shines.. brighter than the sun at high noon. My mother's love shines the pathway with light. She taught us how to care, to focus, and to endure but most...
  3. Almost a year so a tribute

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    Just thought I'd post a message here as I know from personal experience what a top bunch TL riders are. next Tuesday it will be a year since my friend Jonnie was tragically lost in an accident... As it is his birthday today and I am still feelin it bad I thought I'd post a message with people...
  4. Foxs Diner & a 1970's tribute

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    Last year I 'acquired' my brother's old Yamaha XS750. He'd put it in his garage as a non-runner 7 years ago and bought other bikes until his wife was killed on her bike and then he decided biking wasn't for him. So inheriting this non-runner took up any spare time I had and I stripped the carbs...