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    Just made up a semi-active TRE per info on Steve's site. Thanks Steve! In Steve's spirit of sharing, I'd be happy to throw another one or two together since I have a few left over pieces parts. This is the one using a 2N2222 transistor with a 47k resistor on the base and a 15k resistor on the...
  2. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    i know i need to do this, and don't feel like attempting any wire splicing myself, or spending stupid money on an ivan's... $22 shipped on ebay, can't beat it i guess...
  3. UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    gave local bike shop all my goodies to put on bike while its in, tre was amongst, advised me not to fit it, as he had a busa in with one fitted that buggered the mapping im confused, he right, dont fit one, or do i fit it without worry?:O
  4. Help Forum
    I'm new to my 2001 TLR but have always had bikes and am a dealer tech but I keep hearing about this "TRE". What the hell is TRE and how do I make one?