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  1. S14unimog's TLR Gap Tray - Full Trunk Lining Replacement

    Looking to Sell
    Since I've recently received more PM's and emails from interested riders, I've produced more parts for you guys - long live the TLR! Fortunately the price hasn't gone up from last time so those who missed out on the last runs, this is your chance to get one. So far I have sold more than 60 of...
  2. Gap Tray Mod

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Im gonna try do this mod can anyone give me any tips or the best way to go about it or even better anyone got a spare one they want to part with
  3. It's time to buy an undertail. Show me my options. Whatcha got?

    Bike Pictures
    I am ready to buy an undertail for my TLR. I've surfed ebay, but many of those don't show installed pics. Can you guys post pics of your installed undertail. I am sure there are plenty of SWEET options I am not finding on ebay.
  4. battery tray lid

    Want to Buy
    anyone got one kicking around?
  5. gauging interest in TLS gap mod tray group buy

    Group Buys
    have had a couple of requests :) heres the last go round thread... let me know if theres is any interest and i can make another batch up. bumping the price to $90 shipped... :deal
  6. TLR gap tray

    Want to Buy
    Anyone have a gap tray spare for an R :O
  7. Gap tray done

    Bike Pictures
    Thought I would show a picture of my bike now that I got the gap tray done. Big thanks to Tlr-Billbo for the gap tray! When I first got on this site I kind of thought the gap mod was bullshit. But man it makes a BIG but subtle difference. Looks like it should have been that way from the factory...
  8. Gap Tray Mod

    Bike Pictures
    After searching the gap tray mod, I sorted a gap tray. The list of people to thank for posting their pics is long, so hopefully a thanks to all will cover it :) The tray is not ' fixed' in place yet, gonna take trip to local shop and get some rivet nuts. I was thinking about mounting the...
  9. WTB Gap tray for TLS

    Want to Buy
    Title say clear ... I'm looking for a TLS gap tray new or used , please include shipping rates to Spain... Thanks friends :)