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  1. my town at night

  2. TLR or BUST - New Guy in Town

    Bike Pictures
    Hi all. I'm haunting the Web looking for a good deal on a GReAT bike. But for now I'll just post a pic of me and my VFR and Warrior. The VFR will go, the TLR will arrive! At the CROT ... Tail of the Dragon Home turf in CT
  3. I'm back, been out of town

    Open Forum
    Just wanted to let ya'll know that i'm back. I've been out of town hunting White Tail deer and visiting relatives over the thanksgiving holiday. Don't like to let people know i'm going to be gone before I leave but don't want people wonding if their PM or Email... or order is ever going to get...
  4. Aussie comming to a town near you :devious

    Continental European Forum
    Hey guys and gals. the central Europe part of my trip is coming up and wondering if anyone has some tips/info. here is the list of places and dates ill be: Netherlands - 21 Sep - 26 Sep (most likely in central amsterdam) Belgium - 26 Sep - 1 Oct (no idea where ill hang out yet, tips would...