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    I found a shop here in Texas that charges $100/hr to tune on the dyno & they're factory certified... He said 1 hour tops, so I'm takin' it in tomorrow. :banana I've soooo been waiting for this!
  2. Open Forum
    Small change of plans - we're heading to the Holiday Inn at Heathrow (not Ariel or the M5 one) for tonight and tomorrow night before we leave England ... Who's up for a gathering? We should be there about 7pm ish ... someone think of a plan :laugh Oh, booked in under the name Kennedy ...
  3. Open Forum
    My friend just bought a street triple and this is his first bike, so I am riding it home from the dealership for him tomorrow. I was just so excited I had to tell someone. Later Steve
  4. UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    ay up dudes! been on the forum a bit now but without the TL as i been waiting for my restriction period to lapse. FINALLY after paying for the thing 4 months ago i am picking my beast up tomorrow!!!!! and i cant wait.... I have had a few little things done to it for when i pick it up. I have...