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    I got my no-cut sliders from T-Rex Racing Saturday, installed them Sunday evening after work around 8pm. On the way back from the gym this morning 830am (this first time I had the bike out since putting the sliders on) an ambulance came around a corner as I was taking off from a stop sign. No...
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    I just slapped om my new 520 chain and sprockets today. Woo Hoo! A nice EK x-ring chain, 18t Sprocket Specialists front, and 45t AFAM rear. First test ride was good, much smoother than the old set up, and the rear suspension feels less ... restricted. The old chain was kinkier than an S&M...
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    Finally! I've been acknowledged.. Click here :thumbup
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    Hi fellows! It's good to be back here again! After selling the TLR, I drove an african twin and a GSR. Now i'm looking for a daily driver, and it's gonna be a TLS! :devious Surely not the '97 type, but do you guys have any suggestions what year of make to look after or something? can't wait...