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  1. Interesting things with the economy - where's BP and Duken?

    Open Forum
    So...I know squat about the economy and investing, but a curious thing has happened recently. Our company was hit somewhat by the recession, but nowhere near as bad as others. While some of our customers fell out to economic problems and others had to downsize their solutions, we managed to...
  2. Well back after a while things went bad

    Open Forum
    Hello everyone First thing i need to do is appologies it`s been a while since i`ve accessed the site. unfortunately a divorce has taken all my time and caused alot of stress and i needed to get myself beack in order,well now its done and finished and thankfully found a lovely lady who`s made...
  3. Chain lube works on a lot of things

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    My brake lever was a bit stiff. I could pull it back to a certain point, then it'd stop, and I'd have to pull it back a lot harder to get it to go further. This resulted in some pretty jerky stops. So I sprayed chain lube into the piston that the lever presses. Ta-da, now it's smooth as silk and...
  4. Sign of things to come.....

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    Nope - Already there :yes Cheers John
  5. Things a rockin.

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    Not that far down the road from me,surprising considering it was a biggie we all came out ok.
  6. New member checking things out

    Open Forum
    Hey everyone just wanted to introduce myself to the forum. My name is Adam, im 27, and I live in Arkansas. Today I purchased a 1998 TL1000R with only 8900 miles on it. Though I have had V-Rods, GSXR's, and a couple of SV1000's, I think I will really like this combo that the TLR has to offer...
  7. Needful things on ebay: Brembo caliper cover

    eBay Auctions Forum
    I can't believe it. You want MotoGP-Style Brakes? Brembos are too expensive? Buy...
  8. good things for tls...

    Looking to Sell
    hi, i am selling full exhaust rs3 carbon for tls : 600 euros € rear ohlins for tls : 450 € steering damper mr toby : 100 €
  9. 2002 TLR Yellow Plastics and things

    Looking to Sell
    I have the plastics from my TLR for sale, everything except the front fairing and hump. $200 for all or let me know what you need and I'll piece it out. Also a couple of other things: Strator and crank pos sensor $50 Stock seat $25 Low profile modified stock seat $25 All prices are +...
  10. What are these things worth?

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    I have a 2003 Blue & White TLR in mint condition with 23K miles on it. It has dual yoshi's, a TRE, and 5mm shimmed rear shock. Wondering what a guy could expect to get for it? Thanks for the advice.