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    What is the loud clunk that TL's make when they're turned off?? Mines slow to start and making that noise while trying. Should I be getting worried?
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    Yip, Tired, on my way home from work, solid fuel warning light on (at 150 miles on a TLS!), I pulled into my local supermarket filling station and proceeded to fill up....... WITH DIESEL:banghead I caught myself on at about 4 litres, stopped, paid for the fuel and pushed the bike away from...
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    Finally cleaned the garage yesterday and I found this pin on the floor. On the top it says bike less. I thought it was super cool and figured it had something to do with motorcycles. I googled team wonder bike, and it's actually a bicycle club in belgium..from what I gather...
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    Why can't we have a chat on the main page so those online can chat on the site in real time instead of posting a question and then waiting for an answer? I've seen other Vbulletin sites that have a chat sesssion on the main page you can clck the chat box or chime in anytime you want. Nice...
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    the system is a akrapovic evo system ..and on the pic it looks like that you use the original downpipe mount..or is it just me ....
  6. Bike Pictures
    Me:laugh 24k Gold Brembos. Ready for Moto GP:laugh
  7. Photography
    This keeps me occupied in the garage.
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    Harro everyone! Hope everyone is staying upright . Im quite sure Ill be doing the black frame/subframe/swinger thing. Can someone tell me what the advantages are of powdercoating over, say, epoxy?. Im assuming there is an advantage cos it seems to be the way others have gone...
  9. eBay Auctions Forum They should of called it "cool ballz" :laugh. I have one and it works great :hailonly 14 bucks with shipping :devious p.s. If you dont have blinkers get the large! I stretch my large cover from the front forks to the...