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  1. IT tech ?

    Open Forum
    i don't think this can be done but i'll ask anyway :) i'm in australia can i share my internet in usage to a international pc EG: inlaws in the philippines :O
  2. motogp tech

    Open Forum
    i was wondering after seeing the dust during pre-race practice at the bikes run an air filter element ? also noticed large holes drilled in the fairings of the 1/4 litre bikes,is this to help negate the effects of windy conditions ?
  3. Here's one for you tech heads : Radio interferance

    Open Forum
    Just bought a subwoofer and speakers for my PC. When the speakers are on Im picking up what seems to be radio transmissions. Even if the volume is at the lowest I can still hear (But not make out voices). Now Im sure the aint the same voices that live in my head so how do I get rid of them ...
  4. Race tech fork setup weight

    Help Forum
    Their are a pair of racetech forks for sale on the forum, and I have spoke with racetech I was told that I would need 0.925 or something closest to that. The forks for sale here are 1K could anyone tell me what type of isssue's their would be with the 1k verse the 0.925? The person i spoke with...
  5. Race Tech vs. Traxxion Dynamics

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    I'm thinking of having my dirt bike suspension reworked and am looking to see if one of those companies is preferred over the other. I'm already familier with Racetech as my TLR's suspension has been reworked with their stuff but where I plan on taking my dirt bike uses Traxxion products. I'm...
  6. Anyone install a Trail Tech Vapor yet?

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Hey Zoners, I just rec'd my Trail Tech Vapor for my TLR. Planning on installing soon, but was curious if anyone has ever followed through on this? Yes, I have run the search, and there were some posts, but everyone was just "looking" at them, no one seemed to have bought one thus far. So any...
  7. Brake Tech or Braking rotors - opinions please

    Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    Im getting new rotors (for a set of CZ wheels) and I really love the Brake Tech Axis rotors, but then there´s also Braking wavy´s for half the price (at indysuperbike). Need opinions on Braking (same as Galfer as I understand) rotors and also Brake Tech´s if anyone has experience of those. Thanks!
  8. Trak Tech levers for cheap skates

    UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    I,ve just bought & fitted a set of Trak Tech levers from Busters, look similar to Pazzos but nearly half the price, £75 delivered They don't do a fitment for TLS, but I just ordered for 01-03 GSXR600 & they fit:) #3901C/ 570728 clutch & 3901B/ 570730 Brake