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  1. Tear Down Pic

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    Well just picked up a 99 TLR with 13,000miles on her. She's got an Ohlins rear shock and CTR tune front end with a bunch of accessories. She needs some TLC and paint. I am dropping the motor tonight. Keep you all posted.
  2. So begins the tear down process...

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    This is as far as I got last night. I plan on going through everything and powdercoating the frame black and a bunch of other miscellaneous mods I have had on the "to do" list for a while now...
  3. Bike tear down pictoral journal. NDS at all.

    Bike Pictures
    Well third gear was starting to let go and catch under power and was starting to become a hazard to keep running. A score off of ebay of a whole trans and winning the shift forks as well and I was off and running. Plastics off ready to get the hands dirty. Using a little engine degreaser and a...