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  1. Bike Pictures
    I found this thread while reading in another forum.. Posted in This guy is a GOD in taking pictures. I won't tell you more about how he does it. Keep reading and looking at his photos and you'll get the idea. He's a hell of a rider and a hell of a photographer I sat down and...
  2. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    I am having a bitch of a time taking off my front tire. I know im not crazy but it aint working for me. Im attempting to take off the axle nut but the whole axle is spinning. Its almost like the nut was put on with a impact gun or something. I have spun it both ways but the axle is spinning...
  3. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    The gov't finally got it's ass in gear and we are moving to Korea. I've made all of the arrangements for the bike to come with us. Now I'm trying to be ahead of the game and get it legal. 1. They say all fluids must be drained except for the manufacturers minimum recommended level of oil for...
  4. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    While riding with a buddy, I was headed back home when my buddy decides that his R-6 has more balls than my TL.( I know I know, but non TL owners just don't understand) Anyway, I had been riding wheelies off and on all day when I picked it up one last time it sputtered out on me when I brought...
  5. Suzuki TL1000R & TL1000S Forum
    I want to replece the bottom parts with the ones that have radial calipers. :coocoo thy are from a ZX6 2003
  6. Looking to Sell
    hello gents, happy to announce the fourth round of TLS ONLY :slaptlr gap mod trays for a limited time :rolleyes asking $90 shipped in the states, prolly $100 overseas via slow boat (will have to confirm). CNC stamped and bent, absolutely perfect fit, buyer must drill mounting holes depending...
  7. Open Forum
    Gotta get her started young. We had to borrow brother's 50 since the TL is in modding season. I will need to find her some gear soon. Kate turned 6 months old on the 13th.
  8. UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    Are NW m'cs taking the pi$$ or what. :coocoo
  9. UK Forum (Including Scotland)
    Hey guys n gals, the missus is doing her CBT real soon and im trying to find a dead (less than £125) cheap scooter for her to start on. That way if she does drop it its not going to be that bad. If any of you lot have one sitting in the back of your garage that you dont use anymore give me a...
  10. Open Forum
    This is :crazy, I think I should take a few classes. I wonder if we have anyone around here this good. :devious. I'm not sure how much yoga exercise I could accomplish with beautiful women all around.
1-10 of 11 Results